Used Cars: Checking the Interior and Exterior

One thing to remember when buying a used car is to thoroughly check the interior and the exterior. There is a lot you can tell just by inspecting the vehicle. This way, you’d be able to make more informed purchase decisions.


First, give the glass a close inspection to see if there are any damage. Small chips are not a big deal but you can point them out when negotiating the price. Cracks are more serious because if not repaired immediately, they often get worse and become more costly to fix. The next thing to check is the suspension. You can do this by looking at the car from a farther distance. If you see it slumping or sagging, then there may be a problem. Pushing down each corner should also give you an idea of the condition of the shock absorbers. Cars with good shock absorbers rebound once only. You should also take a look at the lights and lenses. Make sure they’re all working just fine.


Once you step inside the car, inspect the upholstery for rips, stains, and other damages. The air conditioner shouldn’t be ignored as well as this is crucial in keeping you comfortable while driving. Another thing to consider is the mileage. Check the odometer to find out how many miles the vehicle has already covered. Take into account the age of the car with the mileage when determining whether the car is still in good condition. Other technology features should be tested, including the stereo system, cameras, sensors, and navigation.

Used Cars: Checking the Interior and Exterior

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