Engine Problems: Unusual Sounds and Movements

It’s important to listen to and feel your car because its sounds and movements may be telling you something about the condition of its engine. Being sensitive about them can help you spot problems before they get worse. Otherwise, you risk stalling and breaking down in the middle of the road without anyone to help you out.

Here are some tips to determine if your car is having engine problems:

Funny Movements

Driving should be smooth. This means that if your car starts surging, jerking, or stalling, then you need to take a look under the hood. There could be a lot of causes such as malfunctioning spark plugs, inaccurate main computer reading, or blocked fuel filter or fuel lines. Don’t ignore such problems as these could be dangerous, especially when you’re driving on a busy street or a highway. The moment you feel that something’s not right with the way your vehicle moves, bring it to a reliable car repair shop in Virginia Beach as soon as possible.

Ugly Noises

Your car shouldn’t be making any tapping, popping, or grinding sounds. These could indicate grave engine problems. For instance, a tapping and popping noise may be a sign of a detonation inside the engine’s cylinders. A grinding noise upon engine start, on the other hand, may indicate a broken starter motor.

Such sounds shouldn’t be ignored because doing so could lead to bigger and more expensive problems. To keep your engine in good condition, always have it checked by a professional.

Engine Problems: Unusual Sounds and Movements

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