Get More Bang for Your Buck With a Used Car

During the peak of winter, Virginia Beach is known for having some fairly cold weather. The last thing that you want is for your car’s heater to stop working. Driving around in a cold automobile is definitely an uncomfortable experience. Here are three of the most common causes of a faulty heating system.

Low Anti-Freeze Level
In order for your vehicle’s heater to be effective, you must have an adequate amount of anti-freeze in the reservoir. If the anti-freeze level has suddenly started to drop, there is likely a leak somewhere within the engine’s cooling system. While some leaks stem from a cracked hose, there are others that are caused by a damaged radiator.

Bad Thermostat
If your engine fails to reach its normal operating temperature, the culprit could be a broken thermostat. Although failed thermostats are known for causing the engine to overheat, they can also cause the opposite to occur. Aside from a lack of heat, your vehicle may also suffer from poor fuel economy. The good news is that thermostats are very inexpensive.

Clogged-Up Heater Core
A heater core is essentially a tiny radiator that transfers warmth into the cabin. If this critical component gets clogged up, your heater will likely blow out cool air. This repair requires a very skilled mechanic. Depending on the specific car model, the entire dashboard may need to be disassembled.

Get More Bang for Your Buck With a Used Car

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