Auto Repair 101: The Most Overlooked Maintenance Procedures

Most drivers in the Virginia Beach area understand the importance of changing their vehicle’s oil. There are other procedures, however, that car owners tend to overlook. Here are three of the most neglected aspects of vehicle maintenance.

Timing Belt Replacement
If your vehicle’s engine is designed with a timing belt, it needs to be replaced at the recommended interval. Typically, most timing belts last between 50,000 and 90,000 miles. The rubber material gradually begins to weaken over time. A broken timing belt will ultimately cause a vehicle to stop dead in its tracks. Depending on the type of engine, the snapped timing belt may also cause extensive damage.

New Fuel Filter
A large number of drivers forget to have their fuel filter replaced. Not only does the fuel filter keep dirt out of the engine, but it also helps preserve the electric fuel pump. Most experts recommended replacing the fuel filter at least every two years. If your vehicle becomes hard to crank, this is a tell-tale sign that the fuel filter is restricted.

Wheel Alignment
In order for your vehicle to steer properly, the wheels must remain in the proper alignment. Unfortunately, pot holes and rough pavement can knock your car out of alignment. Excessive tire wear is usually an indication that your ride is in dire need of a wheel alignment. The best approach is to have your car aligned on a yearly basis.

Auto Repair 101: The Most Overlooked Maintenance Procedures

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