Meet Our Staff

Here at Performance Automotive we love getting to know you, so here is your chance to get to know some of us too! Have a question for one of our staff members? Comment below to have your question answered!

Meet our Vice President, Philip!

Philip has been with Performance for about 5 years. He has been a Top Salesman, a Finance Manager, a General Manager, and now the Vice President. He has a plethora of knowledge and experience and is eager to help every customer who walks onto the lot. He is a master encourager and is always ready to offer a smile. Come by and meet Philip today!

Meet our Finance Manager, Tom!


Tom is an unending source of laughter for the Performance Team. He is always full of jokes, silly humor, and positivity. He loves getting financing for customers who thought they didn’t have a chance at buying a vehicle. Come by and meet Tom today!

Meet our Reputation Manager, Alanna!
Alanna loves making sure customers have the best experience possible at Performance Automotive. Whether it is answering customer questions, giving a tour of the facilities, or doing customer follow-up care, she is your girl! When she is not at work, she enjoys spending time with her nieces, Riley and Avery, and playing with her black lab puppy, Charlie. Come by and meet Alanna today!

Meet our Sales Consultants: Reggie, Charles, Jason, and Maggie!

Reggie is a Senior Sales Consultant who has been in the car business for over 10 years. He is filled with knowledge, experience, and a genuine desire to get his customers into the car of their dreams. When he is not at work he enjoys spending time with his friends and family and working on his clothing line.


Charles is best known throughout the dealership as Chili. He is passionate about his service in the United States Navy, and loves meeting other service members. He prides himself on working harder than anyone else to get you the vehicle you want! When he is not at work he enjoys going to classic car shows and taking incredible pictures.


Jason is a hard worker who is always willing to help anyone and everyone who needs him. He strives to ensure that customers enjoy their experience at Performance, and is always ready and willing to answer questions and address concerns. When he is not at work he enjoys fishing and playing baseball.

Maggie is a straight talking one-of-a-kind saleswoman who tells it like it is. She is positively the most kind and caring woman who works diligently to get her customers into the perfect car for their wants and needs. She is best known for her sweet dance moves in the showroom when her favorite songs come on the radio. She adds more than a dash of spunk to the Performance Team, and we love it!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed getting to know our sales staff! Our dealership is filled with other departments full of awesome people, so come by and meet the Performance Automotive family today!

Meet Our Staff

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